There is always “NOTHING “to wear

Wardrobe Worries? No worries girls, whether it’seems your dream date or wedding, your friends b day party or just going for a hangout with friends, a family function or its your honeymoon calling Now you always have something NEW to wear everyday $ $ $

List of Fashion Houses those provide everything on rent from clothes to accessories to footwear for both men and women and that too deliver direct to your home.

  1. Fly robe
    Rent Rs. 29000

    Rent Rs. 500
  2. Rent a closet                                                                                                                                                                                               

    Rent Rs. 4500
  3. Stage 3 co.                                                                                           
Rent Rs. 4500

4. Swishlist                                                                                                 

download (1).jpg
Rent rs.6000                                                                                                          

orangeredbridal_lehenga_on_rent_wrapd (1).jpg

6.The clothing rental                      

Rent Rs. 4000

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