Kashmir : The real way

Riots , youngsters joining Mujaheddin groups and soldiers loosing their lives on the borders of Kashmir makes us feel so poor about the life of the people living up in those parts of our country but very less of us know the REALITY !

Let’s check out the beauty of Kashmir and it’s people the real way not how news channels likes to sell it….

Kashmiris are the most joyful and honest people that i have ever met in my life. In-spite of poor living, hard earning life and deprived of even the basic amenities of life they are always happy and full of life. Living in fast paced metropolitan lives has made us so robotic and monotonous that we neither have time nor we feel like sitting back for a while and enjoying what actually living a life feels like.

Kashmiri Kahwa

Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto- Emperor Jahangir

‘It means if there is somewhere heaven on earth its here in Kashmir’.                                Sipping a cup of hot Kashmiri Kahwa on a beautiful morning looking at the serene beauty of the place makes you forget all your worries and you get in a deep state of relaxation as the time has stopped there only. But somehow the reality has changed a bit now. Lack of education, employment opportunities and total cut of this part of our nation has made it more vulnerable to social brutalities it’s facing today.

Still there is a lot more that the world needs to see know and let’s check out Kashmir our real way:

Destination 1 # Dal Lake

Dal Lake is the first thing that comes in our mind when ever we think about Kashmir. It’s spread over a large area & has grown a lot of vegetation on it over the time. The morning and evening floating markets are not to be missed at any cost where you see yourself surrounded by a lot of Shikaras selling various products.

Dal Lake


There are a lot of vendors selling handicrafts to wooden artifacts to woolen clothes on shikara. You can also enjoy delicacies like noon chai, lotus stem fritters, wazwan , phirni and a lot more food items near Dal lake.

Flowers in Dal Lake Floating Market

Destination 2 # Gulmarg


Gulmarg is like Swiss Alps for Indians.It took around 2.5 hours from Srinagar to reach these beautiful snow caped mountains. Snow Sledging is a prominent tourist attraction here which costs you something around 600 bucks per person including the snow boots that are really mandatory to enjoy your ride.

Gondola Ride

   Eating Maggie and sipping hot tea is what really makes the ride more fun. You can also go to next level or say at more height through Gondola ride that costs you 600 bucks more where you can see a lot of foreign tourists enjoying the Skiing. 

Destination 3 # Pahalgam

Reaching here took us around 2 hours from Srinagar. The road to this place is surrounded by tall Chinar and Almond trees which makes the long journey so drooling and a feast to eyes.

Almond Tree

Khacchar ride was one of the way to reach up there on hills or you can go by trekking. We opted for Khacchar ride which was Rs.500 per person along with the guide. The guides were extremely helpful and trying every possible way to make our journey fun and memorable.

Khachhar Ride

Destination 4 # Sonmarg

Wanna play more in SNOW? Head towards this place which has large grounds laden with thick layers of snow or as far as you can see its snow snow all the way.



So guys next time when you feel WANDERLUST think about Kashmir !!


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