Men will be Men

Getting a perfect gift is always a Big Question when it comes to Men. They never know however times they have been into this situation,they always fail.

What they end up buying is chocolates,flowers or gift cards – as always. But if you really wanna go over the usual and get something unusual and exciting to impress her, you should definitely look this:

  1. The Fashionista : If you are dating someone who follows the latest trends of the industry then you have a lot of options to choose from. You can gift her a perfect pair of shoes, dress, watch,perfume. 

pexels-photo-63953 (1).jpeg

2.The Makeup Queen : She loves spending time in a beauty parlor or gauging fashion magazines or at a MAC Studio, then you must get her a good hamper full of lipsticks, foundation, nail paints, eyeliner, eye-shadow pallet, blush and what to say a lot more.


3. The Gadget Guru: Listening music or reading while travelling or watching movies on the go if are her choices then she is a tech lover! Please her with gadgets like iPod, wireless headphones, portable speakers, fitness tracker,camera etc.


4. The Jewelry Lover: ” Diamonds are a girls best Friend” – but if you can afford,platinum or solitaire can also be her best friends. Who would mind a solitaire ring or a diamond necklace at any which day, it is.


5. The Accessories Angel: Scarfs, Belts, Caps,Handbags,Neck pieces all make a good option for any one who love to keep it stylish and edgy over others. She will definitely gonna love you for making so much efforts and giving attention to such little details of hers.

fashion-glasses-go-pro-female-158009 (1).jpeg

6. The Wanderlust Wave: Backpacking and making frequent plans defines her love for travel and curiosity to travel and explore more. You can plan a solo trip for her or a duo trip for both of you to spend some quality time together lost in the lap of nature.pexels-photo-191741.jpeg

 Impress her  with these exciting ideas and you could possibly win a Date with her !!


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