TheWeird Beard

Clean shave or Mustache or a Classic Beard it all defines your personal style statement. What ever comes in fashion is always loved as well as criticized, those who follow a style loves it where as the non followers or skeptical don’t even understand why even the particular trend exist!

The Men who can carry a Beard shows their confidence and how comfortable are they to experiment with their looks. Beard might make them look untidy or unhygienic but all you men now you can tell all those people that actually how beneficial it is to have a BEARD yes as what they like to say THE WEIRD BEARD @@

Benefit no. 1 : Acne Free Skin

It’s scientific that when ever you shave you actually transmits the bacteria present at a particular part to whole of your face and thus resulting in chances of more acne prone skin. Having a Beard prevents you from spreading these bacteria all over your skin.


Benefit no. 2 : Acts as a Filter

Hair of your Beard prevents a lot of bacteria, dry air, pollutants,UV rays to reach your skin hidden beneath it and thus acts as a filtration tool keeping your skin healthy and shiny.

Benefit no. 3 : Confidence Symbol

Men who maintain a good Beard portrays a self confident person who has power to do and achieve a lot inn life. Having a Beard shows that you are mature and all grown up into a gentleman.


Benefit no. 4 : Say no to Tan

Beards are able to block up to 95% of sun’s UV rays thus you need not to always reach out for sunscreen whenever you step out of your home and also it prevents you from cancer caused by these harmful rays.

Benefit no. 5 : Bye Bye to Ageing

Another benefit is that it prevents wrinkles to a great extent that are caused both by aging as well as exposure to UV rays and thus as it prevents you from harmful rays so it helps to maintain the fountain of youth.


Benefit no. 6 : Moisturized Skin

Shaving open up your skin pores and cuts caused by it also are an invitation to bacterial infections. Opened up pores requires a lot more care to keep them moisture both in winters as well as summers. If not taken care properly you will develop a flaky skin on your face. Thus beard helps keeping pores clogged and thus skin moisturized.

So next time say NO to SHAVE Men !!


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